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Balloonlaunch on HAM-Radio at Friedrichshafen with payload development contest

At next years HAM Radio we will have 3 stratospheric balloon launches during 24 hours starting at june 27th at 09:00 UTC with a 12 hour interval. Until February 2014 the participant are chosen and will be published with their developments. An contest application form will be found here soon. Questions can be send to info-dl(at)balloonproject.eu


In this project several teams from different european countries came together to develop and start stratospheric balloons at the same date and time. Target is to develop a common payload that is able to communicate with payloads on the other balloons and exchange weather and other telemetry data. "


upcoming launches:

28.06.2014 11:00 local(09:00 UTC) -> balloon launch in HAM-Radio in Friedrichshafen with winnermodules of payload development contest.

- 144.775 MHz Multimode Payload (PR, APRS, Voice und SSTV)

- 144.800 MHz Base Payload APRS (transmits directy to APRS-Network -> tracking on aprs.fi)

- 145.200 MHz Base Payload Voice (transmits current Flightparameters)

- 433.025 MHz HF-Parrot (repeats the received telemetry data from the Buoy-Project on the Lake Constance)

- 434.150 MHz SSDV-Nutzlast (RTTY 300 baud 8n2 Picture-Transmission)

     o Pictureserver: http://ssdv.habhub.org

     o Tracking: www.spacenear.us/tracker/

     o RX-programe: DL-FLDigi -> German Manual at http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:tracking_guide:german

During the European Balloon Project you can find Live Transmission at www.ustream.tv/channel/ballonprojekt statt. Further Info in German Language can be found on www.ballonprojekt.de .

Please send Rapports to rapports(at)balloonproject.eu.

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